Top 10 tech companies in Amsterdam 2023

top 10 tech companies in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has emerged as one of Europe’s leading tech hubs, attracting tech companies from around the world with its vibrant start-up ecosystem, world-class infrastructure, and highly skilled workforce. With a rich history of innovation and entrepreneurship, Amsterdam is home to a diverse range of tech companies, from established global leaders to promising young start-ups, working in fields as diverse as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and e-commerce. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Amsterdam has become such an attractive destination for tech companies and take a closer look at some of the most innovative and successful tech companies operating in the city today. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, an investor, or simply interested in the future of the tech industry, this article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the exciting and dynamic world of tech companies in Amsterdam.

top 10 tech companies in Amsterdam

1. Adyen adyen

A payments industry:

    • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Top 3 Products: Single platform for payments, point-of-sale solutions, fraud management.

Adyen, founded in 2006, has become a world leader in payments technology. it empowers businesses of all sizes to accept payments from anywhere in the world and reach more customers by offering a single platform. Adyen operates in over 200 markets and processes billions of euros in transactions every year.

2. Booking.combooking

leads the way in online hotel bookings:

    • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Top 3 Products: Online hotel booking platform, alternative accommodations, rental cars., founded in 1996, has become the world’s largest online hotel booking platform. Based in Amsterdam, offers a diverse range of properties, from budget hotels to luxury resorts, in over 220 countries and territories. With a global workforce of over 17,000 employees, strives to provide its customers with the best travel experience.

3. TomTomTomTom

pioneers location and navigation:

    • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Top 3 Products: GPS navigation systems, sports watches, and action cameras.

TomTom, founded in 1991, stands as a prominent provider of location and navigation products and services. TomTom has developed products for a variety of markets, including automotive, mobile, sports, and fitness, such as GPS navigation systems, sports watches, and action cameras. The company prioritizes innovation and sustainability, working to help people reach their destinations efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

4. Uber


transforms transportation:

    • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Top 3 Products: Ride-hailing platform, food delivery, electric bikes, and scooters.

Uber, founded in 2009, has become the world’s largest ride-hailing platform, connecting riders with drivers in hundreds of cities. continues to innovate and expand its services, providing new and convenient transportation options for everyone. Whether you need a ride to the airport, a night out, or a reliable way to get to work, Uber has got you covered. Uber is a multinational transportation network company and its services are available in various countries around the world. Some of the countries where Uber is currently operating include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, South Africa, Bangladesh, and many more. The company continues to expand its services and expand into new markets.

5. Picnic


simplifies grocery shopping:

    • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Top 3 Products: Online grocery delivery service, home delivery, sustainable packaging.

Picnic, founded in 2015, is a rapidly growing online grocery delivery service. Based in Amsterdam, Picnic delivers fresh groceries within an hour using electric vehicles, making grocery shopping faster, more convenient, and more environmentally friendly. Picnic focused on innovation and sustainability, changes the way people approach grocery shopping and makes it easier for them to live healthy and eco-friendly lives.

6. WeTransfer



streamlines file transfers:

    • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Top 3 Products: File transfer and storage platform, creative collaboration tools, personalized email sending.

WeTransfer, founded in 2009, has become a leading file transfer and storage platform. WeTransfer offers a secure, fast, and simple way to send large files, making collaboration and information sharing easier. Whether you’re working on a project with colleagues, sending photos to friends, or sharing files with clients, WeTransfer has you covered.

7. Coolblue


takes the lead in online retail:

    • Headquarters: Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Top 3 Products: Online retail for electronics, home goods, and sporting equipment, expert customer service, and same-day delivery.

Coolblue, founded in 1999, has become one of the largest online retailers in the Netherlands. Based in Rotterdam, Coolblue offers a wide range of products, including electronics, home goods, and sporting equipment, and boasts excellent customer service. Whether you need a new laptop, appliance, or inspiration for your home, Coolblue has everything you’re looking for.

8. Rockstart



accelerates start-up success:

    • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Top 3 Products: Accelerator program for tech and energy startups, mentorship, funding.

Rockstart, founded in 2011, has become a leading accelerator program. Based in Amsterdam, Rockstart provides mentorship, resources, and funding to start-ups in the tech and energy sectors, helping them

9. Layar


    • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • Top 3 Products: Layar AR Platform, Layar Publisher, Layar Campaign Manager.

Layar is a Dutch augmented reality (AR) company that was founded in 2009 by Raimo van der Klein, Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, and Claire Boonstra. The company was founded with the goal of revolutionizing the way people interact with the digital and physical world.

Layar’s AR platform allows users to add digital content and information to the real world, creating new and interactive experiences. The company has since grown to become a leading provider of AR technology and has worked with a wide range of businesses, including publishers, advertisers, and brands, to create innovative and engaging AR experiences.

10. Catawiki


    • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • Top 3 Products: Online Auctions, Expert Authentication, and Collection Management Tools.

Catawiki is a Dutch online auction platform based in Amsterdam. It was founded in 2008 with the goal of creating a unique and enjoyable auction experience for collectors and buyers. The company offers a wide range of items for auction, including stamps, coins, vintage cars, and fine art, among others.

One of the key features of Catawiki is its use of a team of experts who curate and authenticate each item before it goes up for auction. This helps to ensure that buyers have access to a high-quality selection of items and can bid with confidence.



In conclusion, Amsterdam is a hub for innovative and forward-thinking technology companies. From Adyen’s revolution in the payments industry to’s dominance in online hotel bookings, and from TomTom’s expertise in location and navigation to Uber’s transformation of transportation, the tech scene in Amsterdam is thriving.

With companies like Picnic simplifying grocery shopping, WeTransfer streamlining file transfers, Coolblue leading the way in online retail, Rockstart accelerating start-up success, Layar pushing the boundaries of augmented reality, and Catawiki revolutionizing online auctions, Amsterdam is a city at the forefront of technology. These companies continue to drive growth, innovation, and success in the technology sector and beyond.

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