What happened to candy crush on facebook?

What happened to candy crush on facebook?

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Maker of Candy Crush Saga Plans to Raise Up to $500 Million in IPO

According to, Candy Crush was launched on Facebook in 2012 and became the most downloaded free app of 2013 on both iPhones and iPads, according to Apple. Brittany joined TV in November 2006 after …

Facebook lets you choose what to share with 3rd party apps

According to, For ages, whenever you’ve wanted to use your Facebook credentials to log into a third party app like Foursquare or Candy Crush, you’ve had to give the app access to any and all data that FB has on …

Eye Candy is an American thriller television series that premiered on MTV on January 12, 2015. The series was developed by Christian Taylor, and is based…

"Paramore’s Video for "Told You So" is Retro Noir Candy | Nerdist". Nerdist. May 3, 2017. Archived from the original on August 16, 2017. Retrieved May 4, 2017….


According to, June 2020. If the game has disappeared from your Facebook shortcuts or Settings, then it’s an issue on Facebook and you will need to contact them directly for help. Even though you no longer have the game in your settings or profile, you can always search for the game in the Facebook search field or use the link below.

According to, Candy Crush Saga. 70,285,662 likes · 35,183 talking about this. “To Crush it in life, you must first Crush it in-game.” — Confucius (probably) Share your Candy Crush stories!! They may…

According to, The update on Facebook caused Candy Crush Saga app to disappear. Copy and paste the link below to your web browser and then log into your Facebook account and you’re be good to play: Also bookmark this link to your web browser for future use.

According to, Hi folks! I’m Suzy, the Gaming Guru–offering help with Best Fiends, Candy Crush, and other games. I’m working on making audio talkthroughs of levels that fe…

According to, Candy Crush problems range from no Internet connection being found due to various reasons, the Candy Crush server going down for everyone globally, or game glitches like freezing in the reward…

According to, Candy Valley Community. 425,670 likes · 283 talking about this. Play Candy Valley right now!

According to, Cookie Crush. 43,093 likes · 6 talking about this. Combine and crumble yummy cookies in this tasty match-3 frosting filled adventure!

According to, Welcome to the official fan page for Blossom Blast Saga! By clicking Play Game you agree to receive emails regarding game updates, promotions and reminders from King. 280,426 people like this. 279,875 people follow this.

According to, Candy Crush Soda Saga. 5,129,885 likes · 23,800 talking about this. Welcome to the official Candy Crush Soda Saga fan page! It’s Sodalicious! Play Candy…

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