What happened with kelly ripa?

What happened with kelly ripa?

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Want to Help Families Reconnect in Their Disney+ Show Family Reboot

According to, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are serving as executive producers the new Disney+ series Family Reboot, which premieres June 15

Kelly Ripa Says She’s ‘Really Bummed Out’ by COVID-19 Diagnosis: ‘I’m Just Irritated’

According to, Kelly Ripa is “really bummed out” about having COVID. The Live with Kelly and Ryan host phoned into the show on Tuesday due to her diagnosis. During a conversation with co-host Ryan Seacrest and guest host Ali Wentworth, Ripa, 51, admitted she’s “irritated …

Live with Regis and Kelly was the 2001–2011 title of a long-running American syndicated morning talk show. Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa were the hosts…

the "Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search" on Live! with Kelly; he co-hosted the morning show alongside Kelly Ripa on Tuesday, July 24. From September 2012- April…

This is a list of Live with Regis and Kelly episodes which were broadcast during the show’s 23rd season. The list is ordered by air date. Although the…


According to, What happened to Kelly Ripa? She’s on break from her role on ‘Live.’ Kelly is currently enjoying a break from her regularly rigorous filming schedule. Her decision to step off the air for a few days isn’t unprecedented, either, as Ryan has also done the same in the past.

According to, Kelly Ripa: What Happened To The Actress? Kelly Ripa was speculated to be sick and not feeling well. However, it turned out that she took a much-needed break from the show to enjoy a vacation with her family. Thus, she is totally fine and her health is in good condition as of now. On November 14, 2021, she returned to the talk program.

According to, KELLY Ripa, a co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, revealed she quit drinking in 2017.The internet is speculating what led to Kelly’s decision and h. Jump directly to the content. … Kelly told People that it happened to be at the same time she started filming Live with Kelly and Ryan.

According to, Kelly Ripa revealed that she’s had plastic surgery on a body part that fans would not expect. On Friday, the popular TV personality took to Instagram to show off her wardrobe and revealed that she…

According to, It is believed that Kelly Ripa was totally blindsided by Michaels’s decision to leave the show and she was none too pleased. During the process, it is believed that Ripa found out about Strahan’s decision to leave through the media. This didn’t it well with the host, and she would take a few days off the process the decision.

According to, 0 comments. Ripa is considered one of the “Most Powerful People in Media,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, with influence both in front of and behind the camera.She joined Live! in 2000, following the retirement of Kathie Lee Gifford. She co-hosted with Regis Philbin up until his retirement in 2011, the hosted alone as she tried out various co-hosts to replace him.

According to, April 01, 2022 – 11:28 BST Hannah Hargrave Kelly Ripa is a doting mother and wife who regularly gives her legions of fans a glimpse into her family life, but the TV personality also suffered a…

According to, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan is a widely popular and successful American morning talk show hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. The live show features the hosts delving into their personal lives and chatting with their guests while enjoying an array of musical performances. 2. Live with Kelly and Ryan will be aired on WUPW Credit: Getty.

According to, One of the hottest rumor she ever been issued is about Kelly Ripa plastic surgery. In her 40 years old, her face looks so much younger, and this makes media and people suspect she gone under surgery knife. Anyway, you do not need to wonder whether Kelly really has done cosmetic surgery or not because she already admitted it to the media.

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