What happened to marzia kjellberg?

What happened to marzia kjellberg?

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Behind the scenes and beyond all the sweet clips with PewDiePie, everything hasn’t always been happy-go-lucky for Marzia Kjellberg.

Marzia suffered an injury (Picture: PewDiePie/Instagram) Marzia Kjellberg suffered a gruesome injury while on a second honeymoon with husband PewDiePie.

Marzia spent nearly seven years posting videos on YouTube before she decided to call it quits.

On 22 October 2018, Kjellberg uploaded a video to her channel announcing her retirement from her YouTube career. In the video she mentioned that at a point during her YouTube career, focusing on the website kept her in a bubble that negatively affected her mental health, although she resolved to reach out to others.

Marzia Kjellberg is the rare YouTuber who made it big quickly and then stepped away on her own terms. By shifting her energy away from making videos, she’s managed to forge a unique path.

Marzia started down the path to internet fame a full decade ago. She launched her YouTube channel in 2012, when she was just 20 years old. By some measures, she was a late arrival on YouTube.

Marzia has tried out various careers and business ventures which have given her a lucrative amount. Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2020. Marzia Kjellberg is one of the most successful business ladies in the fashion industry. Through hard work and determination, she has managed to achieve so much at a relatively young age.

In October 2018, Mrs. Kjellberg posted a video titled “Goodbye YouTube”, explaining to her fans why she quit her career as a vlogger.

As Marzia explained this weekend, she accidentally stabbed herself with a knife, creating a bloody mess out of her big toe.

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